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I Help Organizations Reshape Their Workplace Culture


Meet John Ewing Jr.


Welcome to a world where inspiration, empowerment, and transformation collide. As a distinguished public speaker, I bring a wealth of experience and a diverse background in leadership, community service, and public service. With unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, my life's mission is to drive change, deliver impactful messages, and ignite audiences to unlock their full potential.


With my extensive experience and diverse background, I offer a unique perspective and a powerful voice that resonates with individuals from all walks of life. Through my engaging and thought-provoking speeches, I empower audiences to conquer challenges, embrace their untapped potential, and become catalysts for profound change. Drawing from a rich tapestry of public service and community involvement, I share practical insights, actionable strategies, and heartfelt stories that inspire action, foster meaningful relationships, and ignite transformation in their lives and communities.

Let my voice be the catalyst that propels your personal transformation. Together, we can shape a brighter future, inspiring greatness in individuals and communities alike.

Mentor, Community Leader, Public Servant, Dad, Motivational Speaker



My name is John Ewing Jr

Introducing John W. Ewing, Jr.:

Inspirational Speaker and Transformational Leader

John W. Ewing, Jr. is a renowned public speaker and transformational leader who has dedicated his life to driving positive change. With a remarkable background as the Douglas County Treasurer, Deputy Chief of Police, and Associate Minister, John brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to his speaking engagements.

As a captivating and influential speaker, John empowers audiences with practical insights, inspiring stories, and actionable strategies. Drawing from his extensive leadership experience in government, law enforcement, and community service, he ignites a sense of purpose and inspires individuals to unleash their full potential.

With his exceptional ability to connect with people from all walks of life, John delivers engaging presentations that leave a lasting impact. His authentic and heartfelt approach resonates deeply, encouraging audiences to embrace personal growth, develop influential leadership skills, and create lasting transformation.

As a recognized community leader, John's commitment to service extends beyond the stage. He has actively participated in various organizations and boards, including past President for the Empowerment Network , United Way, 100 Black Men, Great Plains Black History Museum, Charles Drew, Together Inc, Colon Cancer Community Advisory, and the Civil Service Commission Vice President. His dedication to making a difference in the lives of others shines through in every aspect of his work.

Book John W. Ewing, Jr. as your next keynote speaker and embark on a transformative journey of inspiration, empowerment, and leadership excellence. With his guidance, you'll unlock your true potential, drive positive change, and leave a lasting legacy. Contact John today to ignite the spark of greatness within you and your audience.

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